Easy Texas Holdem Strategies Utilized By The Pros in Poker

If you are new to poker, it is easy to get intimidated by those shades-wearing, strategic thinking poker pros with calm demeanors that you see on TV. You might wonder to yourself, “There is no way I can be like those people.” However, did you know that some pros use pretty basic strategies that lead to their success? The thing is, they just got pretty good at it.

You do not need to be a genius or have a photographic memory to play and even win at Texas Holdem. Many of the top pros use strategies that are relatively easy to learn and implement. What you need is time, experience, and patience, not a Mensa-level IQ.

Here are some easy Texas Holdem strategies the pros use to help you up your game.


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A 3-Bet is the initial re-raise pre-flop (before the first community cards are given). It could also be the first re-raise post-flop. So why is this important?

Many amateurs make the mistake of reflexively folding when they see a 3-bet coming from the player in the late position. However, if you have a good hand, you should call instead and take control of the pot.

Remember, position is everything in poker. When you are in a good position, you have more information about the other players and can make better decisions.

Not convinced? Experiment and check out how many times you win when you are in an early position versus when you are not. You might be surprised how much being in late position dramatically affects your chances of winning.

Limping is when you just call the big blind instead of raising. It is generally considered a weak play, but it can be quite effective in certain situations, like when you are in early position.

The thing about early position is that you do not have much information about the other players. You do not know if they will raise or not, so it is often best to just call and see what happens. By limping, you can also keep the pot small and avoid getting yourself into difficult situations.


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This is a straightforward but effective strategy. All you need to do is rank your hole cards before the flop to know how to proceed.

There are many ways to do this, but the 2-7 offsuit method is one of the most popular. With this method, you would rank your cards like this:

You can quickly decide whether to play or fold by ranking your cards. This is especially useful when you are in early position and do not have much information about the other players.

The truth is that your limping, raising, or folding ability depends on your knowledge of your hole cardโ€™s strength. Make this simple guide your bible when you play Texas Holdem games.

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In Texas Holdem poker, this is a strategy that even some pros make the mistake of not doing. When you have a big hand, going all-in and trying to win the pot right then and there can be tempting. However, sometimes, the best thing to do is just to play it cool and let the other players build the pot for you.

This way, you can just sit back and wait for them to make a mistake. Then, when you do make your move, you can take down a huge pot. Just be careful not to get too cocky and overplay your hand – that is when things can go south very quickly.


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A 4-bet is the second re-raise pre-flop (or the second re-raise post-flop). It is generally considered a powerful play, but you should be cautious about using it.

The reason is that when you 4-bet, you are essentially saying that you have a hand so strong that you are willing to put all your chips in the pot. This can often be a recipe for disaster, as it can easily lead you to get all-in with a hand that is not as strong as you think.

So, while 4-betting can be a very effective way to build a pot, you must be careful about it. Only use it when you are confident that you have the best hand, and be prepared to lose your entire stack if you are wrong.

However, it would help if you also learned to respect the 4-bet when an opponent uses it. If someone 4-bets you, they usually do so with a very strong hand. While it is true that there are courageous souls who bluff like crazy when they play Texas Holdem, you should still exercise some caution when faced with this scenario.

So, unless you have a hand equally as strong, it is often best to just fold and save your chips.

Keep building your game up!

Poker is a complex game, and there are many different strategies that you can use to be successful. However, these five simple Texas Holdem strategies are a great place to start. Following these tips can help improve your game and start winning more pots.

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