Ex-athletes: Poker Pros With a Background in Sports

Poker pros come from all types of backgrounds. The game isn’t exclusive to hardcore gamblers and hustlers; some pros are amateur accountants, others have doctorates, and others are millionaire businessmen. One surprisingly common background for poker players is an ex-athlete. There are quite a few pros who used to be sports prodigies, their careers cut […]

Reasons Why You Should Be Aiming For The WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the world’s most prestigious and well-renowned poker tournament. It’s a mecca for poker players from all walks of life. If you’re serious about poker, then there’s no excuse not to aim for the WSOP. It’s the pinnacle of the game and offers up plenty of financial and otherwise […]

Eight Advanced Strategies To Help You Become Successful at the WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is an annual poker tournament that attracts players worldwide. First held in 1970, the WSOP is the most prestigious event in the poker calendar, with a prize pool that often exceeds $10 million. The main event is a no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament, which typically attracts around 2,000 players. In […]